Marcia Ivy

For a period of time, after I had my daughter, Langston Blue, I removed myself from social media, for reasons that I thought were healthy and yes, for some time it was. However, I know that I was isolating myself from a world that seemed to be overwhelming for a new mom. In my season of detachment, I also became more aware of the natural attachment I had with my daughter, my partner, nature, the universe, and myself. I have been able to reconnect with what really matters with healing experiences and powerful lessons that have retaught me to see the divine light in me. I am Marcia Ivy, and I have stories and experiences that matter to women just like you. My intention is that my raw, and informative guest feature posts will inspire other women to connect, spark their curiosities, and get comfortable with acknowledging their own light. I am a human, lover, black woman, millennial, friend, healer, sister, dreamer, teacher, daughter, baker, and a creative, and I will not limit myself or the work I share with you on any of those things. I was blessed with the job of inspiration. Let’s get to work and follow me on Instagram at See.Cia.Work.