Garden Play

In spring Luna and I planted a small garden in our backyard. It has been a healthy and fantastic addition to our outdoor activities. Planting a garden offers countless opportunities to bond with each other and for Luna to see, smell, and feel our connection to nature.

We planted Roma tomatoes, sweet basil, oregano, mint, jalapeño peppers, and blueberries. I wanted to start with foods that could offer instant gratification and grazing excitement.

Luna loves tending to the garden, especially when it needs watering. Water is one of the elements that makes tending so much fun! She loves gathering the harvest for the table or on the go, even if she only gets to snack on a few blueberries that day.

Next to our vegetable garden, we have a space dedicated to plants that attract beautiful butterflies. Luna and I always approach the garden slowly so we don’t scare away the butterflies. We sit and watch them quietly discussing what we see, and we mimic butterfly behavior during other playtimes by pretending to drink nectar (juice) through our own proboscis (straws).

One of my favorite ways to play in the garden is to collect flowers for the bouquet we keep on Luna’s armoire. Looking at flowers makes me feel lovely and full of gratitude, and I hope they have the same effect on Luna.

I plan to expand the garden to include long-term produce that’s best to grow in late summer for fall harvesting because it teaches patience, and the anticipation of tasting the fruits, veggies, and herbs of our labor is exciting!


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