The Divine Mother

At some point in history, we separated ourselves from nature. How did we become so disconnected and careless?

Nature perseveres as best as she can through our conflict and self-destruction, and the destruction of the very planet that gives us sustenance and beauty. She does not care for our political rhetoric, class system, technological advances, religious and spiritual debates, and any other differences that divide us from one another. It won’t be until we humans start looking at ourselves and each other as divine creatures of the Earth Mother that we will begin to reverse the damage mankind has caused. There needs to be a rebalancing of energies, including masculine and feminine that almost supersede any other combination of oppositions.

Unless the human race realizes with a passion and reverence beyond thought or words its interconnection with nature, it will destroy, in its greed, the very environment it’s sustained by. We must re-establish our connection to Earth Mother. It’s imperative for our survival. It takes little effort to invoke her because SHE IS EVERYWHERE. She balances us. She unites us. She is sensitive to our needs. She provides.

It doesn’t get any more sacred than nature and we must be present to receive the love and transcendent experiences she has to offer so we may reciprocate to her and each other. Connecting to Earth Mother is the same as connecting with ourselves. If we commit to change, perhaps life on this beautiful, divine planet may begin to reflect our birthright of peace, compassion, and love…again.


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