Eyes Full of Fascination

Becoming a mother is a magical, spiritual process that awakens something in us and causes a radical shift in our perception of the world. The unadulterated innocence and eyes full of fascination and interest reopen our own curiosities. As our babies learn the world, so do we.

Shades of green. The wind rustling through the trees. The wave of a squirrel’s tail, the sound of birds chirping, shadows on the ground.

How glorious it is for our lives to be restored in a way that’s based on pure love. Our self-awareness intensifies for we are the models they mostly see and hear. They serve as models for us, as well.

We want the absolute best for our children. We never want to inflict our sadness, constraints, and lack of imagination onto them. We offer hope, enthusiasm, confidence, and encouragement. It’s with their energy and cosmic light that we see truly see ourselves. Every layer is illuminated and that’s when we meet the person we truly are. All the joy, all the sorrow, all the light, and all the darkness. It’s beautiful.

It’s a lifelong bond and exchange of behavior and outlook among many other things. We are reaching different stages in life at the same time but not on the same level. It’s the perfect balance because we learn from each other. However, we must be careful not to become dependent on our children in the same capacity they depend on us. They need freedom and space to become themselves. They need all of their magic to manifest their limitless desires.


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