Power to the Mothers

Dear Wombman,

The most incredible force ever created is inside of you. Fetal development requires divinity and an immeasurable amount of energy, and it all comes from your sacred body temple – the womb.

You are the vessel for a new life.

Your every waking moment, and even some dreams, are occupied by thoughts of your precious gem(s). Mothers give the first type of love a human being receives and this inherently creates bonds that mothers will always need to tend to. Sow seeds of gratitude, dignity, loyalty, and positivity within the family dynamic. This type of garden is high maintenance and requires care and cultivation.

You are also the first example of compassion, gentility, and strength. Mothers are the ones who lead because it is mothers who have mastered sternness and sensitivity. You love extraordinarily, and it’s intense. To love this immensely is a terrifying paradigm of delight. You can hold your head high and bring peace, light, and sensibility to any setting. You wipe your children’s bottoms and tears. You may wipe a few tears of your own. You also laugh, dance, and spread joy.

You strive to give your little ones the best lives humanly possible with every ounce of our wavering energy. You try to help make sense of the world, even when it comes to things you don’t understand.

You have to be a superwombman.

You have to offer support to your spouse, too. They may not always understand how thin you’re being stretched, and still, you wrap your arms around them because that’s an innate part of your spirit.

After you’ve poured into your family, and every other area of life, you hardly have anything left for yourself. This is why self-care is imperative. When a mother is balanced, vibrating higher and happy, everyone is balanced, vibrating higher and happy. This is the power of your influence, and these things have to be handled delicately.

To you, my fellow mother, my sister in the divine feminine,

You are a sacred wombman.


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