Outdoor Play

Inside the elements is baby’s best playground because being outdoors encourages mental development and use of imagination. Children are natural beings, untainted by the opinions of the world so their perception of oneness with all they encounter is still intact. Studies show that the earlier a child gets to experience and explore nature, the better. To chirp with the birds and hop with the squirrels (if you can get past the mosquitoes) while foraging for wild strawberries and honeysuckle offer the greatest sense of wonder.  Outdoors is where the spirit takes flight and the mind gets to roam wild.

While indoor play with man-made toys can be fun, nature has a way of providing the ultimate organic sensory experience. In a world of full of deadlines and schedules, nature’s clock leaves ample time for discovery and creation. Children can interact with nature in an endless number of innovative ways because nature is always changing, which gives new and exciting meaning to perspective and possibility.

Grass and dirt beneath our feet. Hands placed on our hearts. Sun rays filtering through the trees. The wind brushing against our skin.

It’s like a dream.

Nature reminds you to live blissfully in the moment. Whether you’re laying in the grass soaking up the sun, frolicking through the fallen autumn leaves, building stick piles or sandcastles, making snow angels, or have your palms raised to the cosmos feeling the raindrops on your face, be sure to have your little one(s) next to you indulging in all the beauty Mama Earth has to offer.


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