Into Motherhood

Nothing will propel you faster into self-discovery than becoming a mother. This wonderful transition will be smooth sailing at times and have rough currents at other times. We are continually programmed with images of women who are floating through their pregnancy without any signs of exhaustion, temperament, or complication. While those dreamy moments (hopefully) happen often, our ideals are often met with disappointment, especially while battling morning sickness (which can last all day) during the first trimester. Nonetheless, this transition into motherhood is the greatest opportunity for self-evolution.

Motherhood is the greatest rite of passage and the most ancient gift there is. A profound change happens during this time – a change in outlook. We see the world through our children’s eyes – full of curiosity and excitement. Everything is new and fascinating. We also see the world as cruel and careless and as a result, we see ourselves as loving healers, powerful providers, and brave protectors.

What happened to the woman who only saw herself? She was reborn while simultaneously giving birth, and became wiser. What a way to break open your heart and let love pour in and out.

When being reborn, you let go of something. You let go of many things, and they will never measure up to all the beautiful things you earn, like insurmountable strength, unconditional love, and divine femininity that is given to us by nature herself. We transform.

Soul Sister, I encourage you to walk tall, celebrate yourself, and enjoy the journey. You served as a vessel for a new life, therefore you are a sacred wombman.


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