Mother’s Self-Care

We nurture our children. We nurture our spouses. Do we nurture ourselves?

The saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” We must dedicate time, as impossible as it may seem, to find balance. Balance is vital to us being the best mothers we can be. Take a lesson from Mama Earth – she always finds a balance in nature, slowly but surely.

Dear Wombman,

Do not neglect yourself. You must pour into your soul before you can expect anyone else to pour into it. We are the first and most important models for our children. They watch us closely, imitate us, and absorb the energy we put out. They will learn how to pour into themselves as much as we do, so overflow yourself with love.

Sleep deeply. Eat well and exercise. Laugh hard. Dance freely. Socialize. Indulge in your passions. Get a massage. Take a long, candlelit bath. Give yourself a sea salt scrub with flowers and essential oils. Play in nature. Make these things a priority and allow yourself to have these moments that not only help you but serve your loved ones because when you’re joyful, everyone is joyful. That’s the type of energy you want to overflow to the beautiful little person(s) looking up at you.

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