I’ve had my aura photographed and read twice by Laura Kaye at Phoenix & Dragon, a metaphysical bookstore in Atlanta. Laura Kaye performs her readings by blending technology and mystical aspects together to create a photograph of your aura. I placed my hands on a special sensor which sends a signal to the camera which then converts the information into bytes and voilà, there’s an image. What’s an aura, you ask? Aura is the energy field that surrounds us which reflects our personal state of consciousness.

When I met Laura Kaye, her hair was a blended tapestry of vibrant colors including yellow, green, and orange with sparkly eye shadow to match. She moves through space like a fairy godmother and greets everyone with a warm hug. When we first made eye contact, she said, ” I haven’t met you before, pretty girl.” I introduced myself and extended my arm. She said “I’m a hugger,” and I replied, “Me too.”

After we hugged, she told me to place my left hand on the sensors, think positive thoughts, and smile for the camera. We waited for a detailed description to print and the photo to develop. Both photos showed that I’m almost entirely Violet. Laura Kaye studied my portrait and the characteristics she described included that I’m spiritually connected and still on a journey of enlightenment. She also said that I have a strong energy that’s very illuminated. I live a life where things just seem to happen for me out of nowhere. She couldn’t be more correct.

The photo is divided into parts. According to the description that printed, the left side is my future, and it’s normally the vibration coming into my being. Violet is a mix of blue which is unlimited knowledge, and red, which represents activity, says spiritual evolution is in store for me. I will encounter the rays of guide energies, and the highest vibrational frequencies will be distributed to me.

My center, which is over my head,  represents my experience in the present. The color lays high above me which represents high aspirations. I’m best described as ‘Mystical Unifying’. Violet is a high degree of sensitive intimacy, leading to complete fusion between subject and object so that everything which is thought and desired must become a reality. Enchantment, charm, sensitivity, and deep spiritual understanding are the qualities most important to me.

My right side represents expression and violet is the highest vibrational frequency. This is the vibrational frequency that is most likely seen or felt by the people around me. People see me as magical, and someone who seems to get everything I need.  I’m a mystic union with a high degree of sensitive intimacy. Not bad! I felt that this reading was very accurate but still enlightening, especially for the stage of life I’m in now.

I was pretty fascinated and satisfied with my reading. My body-light is evolving as I move into a higher vibration, and consequently, I know that I’m doing something right.

Luna’s up next…


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