An Affection for Mothers-to-Be

Dearest Mother-to-Be,

Becoming a mother is the greatest honor, a rite of passage, and will define you in more ways than one. With the birth of your child comes a rebirth of yourself. This phenomenon is when you will vigorously step into your divine femininity, strength, and walk in a path that utterly represents who you are. Look inward and you will see and feel your heart grow, and a profound love emerging. This is the dawn of a new awakening, and should certainly be celebrated.

You may be worried. You may be overwhelmed with joy. You may be a wreck. You may have it all together. Whatever you may feel, trust the process. You are strong, and your baby chose you for a significant reason.


When your beautiful little human is making his or her way to this side of the womb, this is the time you’ll feel the most alive. Give honor to your mother, grandmothers, and every woman who came before them. Call upon your ancestors for their power. Push through the pain. Push through the fear. Your baby is worth it.

You will be each other’s greatest gift. Learn from one another. Love one another. Relish every moment. Put on your crown and dance under the moonlight because you are a vessel and portal for a new life. You will be a listener, confidante, healer, teacher, and protector.

You will come second, maybe even third or fourth for years to come. In that, you will find unwavering force under your heels. The journey ahead may not always be smooth sailing but remember, you are cosmic and capable of achieving anything.

Ask and accept help when you need it. Remove distractions from your life. Be kind to yourself. Make self-care a priority. Last but not least, give the extraordinary person you brought into this world the best life you possibly can.


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