Maternity Style

35 weeks – Aviators: Coach – Dress: ASOS – Shoes: Nike

Whether or not we feel our best, pregnant women have a certain je ne sais quoi that is undeniable, and while it’s impossible to float on cloud 9 everyday during pregnancy, we can either choose to embrace our special something or overlook it.

In spite of my few awful pregnancy days, I knew from day one that I wanted to be the cutest pregnant woman I could be so I started shopping for maternity clothes once my bump slightly outgrew the clothes I already owned. Fortunately for us who bear the glorious baby bump, there are tons of fun and stylish maternity clothes available. Actually, several of my maternity dresses weren’t maternity at all. I simply bought bigger sizes than usual. The only proper maternity clothes I bought were from ASOS, Pink Blush, and Motherhood Maternity. I also snagged a “Bun in the Oven” t-shirt from Ross. I was sure to buy a couple of dresses fit for nursing so they can be worn once baby girl arrives. They are incredibly convenient and allow simple access to the breast.

Please believe that I keep my maternity clothes in rotation after each cleaning. They’ve been on repeat since they’ve come in the mail because they capture two qualities I think any great clothes should have: comfort and style.

32 weeks – Dress: Calvin Klein – Flats: J. Crew

These days I take advantage of any and every opportunity to dress up my baby bump. That doesn’t mean you’ll catch me walking the streets in heels everyday – my body said, “No!” to heels after I reached 28 weeks. Any who, even with my growing belly, I seemed to do well with capturing my own personal style. I love floral prints, almost any shade of pink, and patterns! Unfortunately there aren’t that many blouse options that flatters a growing belly, but dresses make up for where shirts fall short. Also, once I found the right pair of maternity jeans, which were sturdy but still comfortable with an elastic waist band that sits right below the bump, I embraced the fitted tee, threw on some sneakers, and kept a few of my days causal.

I have always tried to choose wardrobe pieces that are classic, not trendy, and flatter my best features. Highlighting our best features during pregnancy is crucial because our growing bump can make us appear larger than we are. Also, don’t let a bigger belly inhibit you. Embrace the bump, and if your legs are long, stand tall and strut in that short dress/skirt. If your arms are lean, flaunt them in a tank top, sleeveless shirt or halter. Do you have an amazing décolletage? Show it off with a key-hole or scoop-neck top. Own your femininity! You’ve earned it!

Check out the gallery below for a few of my favorite pregnancy looks!

2 thoughts on “Maternity Style

  1. Mommy Maya, you are so beautiful in all your essence. Give thanks for sharing your journey and energy with us. Wishing you well throughout.

    Can’t wait to meet (see) your new addition.

    ✌⚡⚡⚡ 💗💗💗💗💗

    Liked by 1 person


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