The Perks of Pregnancy

I have not been shy when it comes to sharing that the first trimester of my pregnancy was rough. I experienced morning sickness, exhaustion, out-of-control hormones, and the natural body changes that pregnant women go through. I felt sad on some days and didn’t want to leave my bed. I had to force myself to eat and didn’t put the same amount of effort into getting dressed as I did before. I was waiting for the pregnancy glow women often talk about. Where was mine?

Once my second trimester began, I was slowly finding my way back to me. I began to recover some of my energy, and I felt and looked better. It wasn’t until well into the second trimester that I started to get my glow, and that’s when I began feeling like the ethereal Goddess I dreamed about.

I have never minded my disappearing waist-line, thicker thighs, and expanding belly because that’s what happens when you have another divine-human growing inside of your womb (although I must admit, the stretch marks I see popping up on the center of my belly are making me feel some sort of way). Nonetheless, the experience is amazing! Plus, there are some serious perks to pregnancy:

“The Glow”

It was during the second trimester that I noticed my skin was looking brighter than ever. Blemishes disappeared, my skin tone evened out, and I looked radiant. I send plenty thanks to my increased blood volume that is creating my luminescent appearance.

Hair Growth

My hair seems to be growing at a faster rate. It’s full, curlier, healthy-looking, and doesn’t shed very much. I don’t know if I should give credit to my baby girl and my hormones or my prenatal vitamins, but either way, I’ll take it!

Longer, Stronger Fingernails

Here’s another shout-out to my pregnancy hormones. My nails have also been growing faster than usual. If I break one, I don’t fret, and I don’t trim the rest. I know the shorter nail will catch up to the rest in a matter of days. Who said baby girls steal their mother’s beauty? That’s malarkey!

The Royal Treatment

People tend to be kinder and accommodating to pregnant women. It seems that a larger percentage of the people who occupy this planet go out of their way to help me and make sure I’m comfortable. The attention I get from strangers has noticeably increased, also. Whether it’s carrying and loading my groceries in the car to making sure a door is opened for me, I hardly have to lift a finger. It’s very cool.

Energy Surge

During early pregnancy, I was usually asleep by 8 pm. Now, I have tons of energy. I don’t take naps as often as I used to, and get to hang out with friends and family. I stay up later and watch movies with my husband, and I find myself dancing around the house. I am very active outdoors as well, still taking walks and doing prenatal yoga.

No Menstrual Cramps

I don’t know about you, but my menstrual cramps are off the Richter scale. I have the worst cycles and felt ecstatic to know that I would not have to experience them for a while.

Decreased Cancer Risk

Some research suggests that pregnancy may decrease the chances of developing breast and ovarian cancers. Some research also suggests that breastfeeding for more than three months can also lower the risk of certain cancers. Woo hoo!

Heightened Senses

All five of my senses have heightened, with a bit more emphasis on taste and smell. The fragrances that make me feel blissful are jasmine, lavender, gardenia, and fresh-brewed coffee. Food tastes better overall. Eating has become euphoric and sacred.


I have never felt more like a woman than I do now. I feel beautiful, strong, and confident. Perhaps it’s because I’ve discovered a new part of my divine, feminine energy. My body is creating another human being. Women serve as a vessel for life – how incredible is that?


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