How to Throw a Tea Party

One thing I’m always thrilled about is gathering my best girlfriends for a day of high tea, great conversation, and lots of giggles. This is a tradition I cannot wait to teach my daughter (if she’s a girly-girl and interested in mommy-daughter tea parties). With each party, my details get better and better. Here are 9 tips I’ve gathered that will hopefully help inspire you and your “mini-me” when planning your ultra-feminine tea party.

1. Floral & Flirty

Encourage each woman to wear her most dainty, airy, feminine dress. I usually opt for floral print.

2. May I take your Order?

Make sure you know what type of tea each woman likes. You never know, there may be a general consensus which will make what you serve much easier. Just be sure that it’s all organic. One of my personal favorites is chamomile-lavender.

3. Fine China

Use the best china you have, and don’t worry if it doesn’t match. Sometimes an assortment of designs is a lot more interesting and shows personality.

4. Flower Power

Make sure you have floral arrangements throughout the space. Most women love flowers. I sure do!

5. Macarons, Please

Any pretty pastry or tea sandwich will do, but my favorite are these dainty, French sweet meringue-based confections.

6. Wake up and smell the Rosé!

Especially during the summer months, a blush or sparkling wine is perfect. A nice bottle of champagne may be ideal.

7. Oh, Yes, Lace

Lace doilies are aesthetically pleasing, and add a lovely touch of elegance.

8. Classical, Anyone?

I’m a classical music enthusiast. Who needs contemporary music with words when you have Chopin on vinyl?

9.) Consider a Theme

Mad hatter, polka dot, African, and Asian themes are my favorites.

Do you Tea Party? If so, tell me how!


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