Closet Organization

My old closet – c. 2010

I used to work as a wardrobe stylist for a company in Beverly Hills. As I built relationships with my clientage, I started freelancing as a closet organizer. Some of my clients were women who had unlimited resources and were able to revamp their closets any way their hearts desired. Others simply needed a helping hand to organize, and sometimes purge. The problem is that they either didn’t have the time or the vision. I always encouraged them to be harsh when getting rid of clothes, shoes, and accessories, and constantly reminded them that a cluttered house equals a cluttered mind. If it was something they had not worn in a year, I would urge them to donate the items or take them to a consignment shop. The same went for anything that looked cheap or didn’t have a tailored look. Over-sized clothes don’t always translate well.

The advice I gave my clients was based on the mistakes I made and lessons I learned. I held on to clothes that no longer served me. I couldn’t make separating by color work because I wore a lot of patterns, and had trouble fitting everything onto wooden hangers because they are bulky and take up a lot of space. This was actually a great reason to purge some of the items I hadn’t worn in the past 12 months. Now I love going into my closet because it reminds me of a quaint boutique. It’s colorful, pretty, and smells like Flowerbomb.

Maintaining a beautifully organized closet does not have to be a chore. Use these 9 closet organizational tips to keep an organized closet. Once you apply these types, it’ll be easier to get dressed because everything in your closet will make sense.

1.) Iron Clothes Before Hanging Them In Your Closet

If you have the time after you wash and dry your clothes, iron them before hanging them in your closet. The exceptions are t-shirts, tank tops, and anything else that needs to be folded. Ironing helps keep your “get ready” time to a minimum once you decide what outfit to wear the next day. Having ironed clothes hanging in your closet adds to the aesthetics.

2.) Use The Same Style Hangers in Your Closet

Use the same style hangers for a clean, uniform look. Wood or velvet hangers are ideal, but if you have to use plastic, make sure it’s the same style and color. Have you ever seen Mommie Dearest? No Wire Hangers!

3.) Sort by Color

Sorting your clothes by color will make it easy to find and put away clothes. It will also give your closet a neat appearance. This is a tip I recently learned how to make work for me.

4.) Keep Like Items Together

Fold and stack sweaters, t-shirts, and tanks on shelves or in drawers by themselves. Hang shirts by style – blouses, polo style shirts, short/long-sleeved button down, blazers, etc. Keep dresses together and hang them by style, too. It’s easier to put items away when they have a designated home.

5.) Separate Out-of-Season Clothes

If you have a designated place in your closet for out of season wear, make sure you rotate clothes accordingly. Wool sweaters and fleece pullovers should be removed for spring and summer. Halter and crop tops should be removed for fall and winter.

6.) Purge Clothes that Don’t Fit, You’ll Never Wear Again, or You Haven’t Worn in 1 Year

If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it! I know its hard to part with old clothes. It’s easier said than done, but since we tend to wear the clothes we like the most more often, why hold on to the rest? Do you know how great it’ll feel to actually have closet full of things you want to wear? If it doesn’t fit perfectly or if it’s damaged, get rid of it!  You are less likely to wear an item that doesn’t fit properly, and let’s be honest, how long ago were you supposed to get that ripped seam stitched? Exactly. Purge it!

 7.) Store Clothes with Sentimental Value in another Location

All of the family vacation t-shirts you’ve accumulated should be stored away from your everyday clothes. Maybe one day someone will make you a quilt out of them. Until then, they will fine in a box in the basement.

8.) Separate Accessories

Accessories include shoes, hats, scarfs, belts, and jewelry. These should be organized in their own space/section of your closet. It also makes it easier to accessorize your outfit. Having a clutter free, organized space allows your creativity to flow freely.

9.) Keep a Donation Box/Bag Handy

I feel like I throw something into my donation bag every other day. I may try something on thinking “This is what I’ll wear today,” only to find that it just doesn’t work anymore. Boom! – right into the donation bag. When the bag is full, donate it. Plain and simple.

I hope you found these tips for keeping your closet organized useful. Please feel free to leave any comments, questions, or suggestions. I would love to hear how you keep your closet organized or any concerns you may have with your closet.

4 thoughts on “Closet Organization

  1. Had no idea you were/are a wardrobe stylist! That is my passion along w/closet revamping! I would love to pick your brain about past experiences & pointers on building clientele! BTW-your closet is way awesome!



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