Turn Your Back on Negativity

If you’re anything like me, you’ll understand what it’s like to wake up every morning and think, “How can I be a better version of myself, today?” Putting my best foot forward is exciting, motivating, and enables me to drag myself out of bed, especially on super-early mornings.

In my efforts to start each day on the right foot, I can occasionally be pretty hard on myself. I’m learning how to let things go because obsessing over making simple mistakes, not looking at the glass half-full, or not being on my A-game, can actually be harmful to reaching my highest potential.

When we allow ourselves to have negative thoughts, we consequently resonate at a decreased frequency, and lower amplitude. This applies to the people we surround ourselves with, too. Energy transfers so if someone around us is resonating at a lower frequency and amplitude, it will bring our vibrations down to their level.

Here are some simple steps to turn your back on negativity and head in a more positive direction:

1. Address the Source of Your Negative Feeling(s) Head On.

Take the time to dissect your emotions so you can get to the root of things. Ask yourself, “Why do I feel this way?” This method of breaking down and exploring your feelings is the first step in the right direction. After taking this initiative, you will gain clarity about yourself and the energies surrounding you. Once you find the source, you will understand exactly how to mend the broken pieces. Learn and grow from the experience so that you thrive in everyday life.

2. Be mindful of the Company you Keep

Remember the law of conservation of energy: energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed from one form to another.  With that being said, you can’t move in a positive direction and expect not to be affected the negative people around you.

There’s no time for gossip, ridicule, people telling you who to be, how to live, what dreams to chase, and so on. Limit the time you spend with these people. Your quality of life depends on it. Friends and family are supposed to lift you up, not bring you down, so if it gets to the point where you’re always down, cut them off!

3. Indulge in what Makes your Heart Smile

We all have hobbies so if you feel yourself slipping into a slump, dive into your passion projects. Negative emotions can cause you to lose joy in the things you love, but you’ve got to shake it off. Occupy your time with cooking, sewing, gardening, painting, or welding. Use your imagination. If your goal is to start a business, work on your business plan. Strive to propel yourself into success, whatever that means to you.

4. Refuse Self Loathing

So many people play the victim by blaming their outlooks on life, coping mechanisms and behavior on the examples their parents set, where they grew up, current circumstances, and presumed outcomes. Stop defeating yourself. It’s OK to reflect on your past, evaluate the present, and review the lessons you’ve learned, but you are the master of your destiny so take charge. Believe in infinite possibilities, and you’ll never let yourself down. It doesn’t matter what happened back then. Each day is an opportunity to start anew. You must promise yourself that you’ll move pass negative thoughts and emotions. You owe it to yourself.  Once you do this, your up and forward movement will follow.

I’ve turned my back on negativity. Have you?

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