Inner Beauty Interiors Launch Party

My mom and I went to the Inner Beauty Interiors Launch Party hosted by West Elm at Ponce City Market in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood of Atlanta. It was a gorgeous event all things considered. Owner & Principal Designer Faneisha Nibbs is one of the loveliest women I’ve met so when she told me about her launch party, my attendance was mandatory. Everyone was friendly and the spread looked delicious. It took everything in me not to eat one of the cotton candy donuts.

Faneisha designs spaces for ambitious clients who wish to rest and recharge in a beautiful home each day. Her design approach puts a professionally designed home within reach, making it an indulgence that every hard-working person can enjoy. She’s been designing spaces for six years and her personal motto is “look formal, but be casual.” Faneisha is a creative spirit who is graciously talented at many, many things, but her knowledge of interior design comes from a profound love of the world around her. She is in the throes of a life encompassing pursuit to elevate domestic life and make it a little more beautiful.

Click here to read the rest of her bio and be sure to peruse her beautiful website!



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