Mercury Retrograde

Due to the upcoming shift in cosmic energy, I thought I’d get you all ready for Mercury Retrograde!

We, as human beings, are not solid. We are made up of atoms which is a basic unit of matter, and are positively and negatively charged. With that being said, the energy from the cosmos affects us in ways most of us couldn’t imagine.

So, what is Mercury Retrograde and how does it affect us? When the orbit of planet Mercury slows down, it seems to stop and move backwards (retrograde). At a few points, Mercury will get ahead of the sun. It’s almost like an optical illusion.  It is believed that during this time, all planning and new commitments should come to a halt because the physical environment is continually changing.  Our emotions, energy, thoughts, forms of communication (interpersonal and technological), and general surroundings are all being affected. Our minds will change often, our energies will waver, and things may seem to be off-balance.

It is best to sit back and allow these changes to happen without any reaction. The key is to be flexible. While it is ok to check and take notes of revisions for our lives and universal energy, it’s best to wait until Mercury is direct (going back into normal timing) to put these revisions into effect. This helps to avoid repetitive revisions and frustration once the retrograde period ends. Once retrograde ends, things will become orderly, and we bring our creative ideas back into the present to see how they manifest within our lives. Don’t be thrown off track if something catches you off guard. Just take it and roll with it.

Mercury Retrograde happens three to four times a year, and it’s a great time for awareness. Mercury reaches its retrograde station on April 9th. This is the time to accept your physical attributes; do not have a makeover. Indecision reigns, so limit purchases—or risk returning them. Refresh, relax, rejuvenate, and keep in mind that this could also be a time to have great enlightenment. Also, keep in mind that each sun sign has its own unique contribution and interaction with the Mercury Retrograde Cycle. I will certainly take note of any changes I experience, lessons I learn, or crazy things that happen for seemingly no reason at all.

With the help of Astrology Horoscope Readings, I’ve provided a breakdown of the phases below.

The Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow (April 1st – 8th)

As Mercury proceeds in its forward motion in the sky, it enters the region against the stars where it will later retrograde or seem to go backwards. This time is referred to as the Mercury Pre-Shadow. Often it is during the Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow that incorrect assumptions, unfortunate short-cuts or lack of attention to details occur that are later revealed as Mercury goes retrograde. As Mercury appears to slow down in its motion, before it seems to go backwards in the sky, the effect of the Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow is intensified.

Mercury Retrograde Station (April 9th)

There is a time, when mercury by our line of sight has slowed down from moving forward and is about to seem to move backwards. That moment is referred to as the Mercury Retrograde Station, and often somewhat incorrectly as “Mercury Retrograde“. This tends to be the most intense part of the Cycle.

Mercury Retrograde, Proper ( April 10th – May 2nd)

Mercury is moving more slowly and its effect tends to be felt more strongly. Then for about 3 and a half weeks or so, it seems to be going backwards in the sky – when Mercury is retrograde. Often mistakes, false assumptions and unfortunate ‘short-cuts’ are revealed at this time, and it is an especially important time to do due diligence and to check and recheck the details of important matters. For some people at this time, transportation and communication issues may develop. At both the beginning and end of this phase, Mercury appears to be moving relatively slowly, and is a more intense part of the retrograde phase.

Mercury Direct Station (May 3rd)

Towards the end of the retrograde period, Mercury has reached a place in its orbit where it begins to move in the same direction as the earth around the sun. The moment Mercury appears to stop moving backwards and is about to move forewords is called the Mercury Direct Station. As much as the Mercury Retrograde Station, discussed earlier, tended to be a focus of errors, false assumptions, lack of clarity and proper execution, the Mercury Direct Station tends to be a focus for revealing the consequences.

Mercury Post-Shadow ( May 4th – 21st)

As Mercury appears to move forward again, it passes through the part of the sky where it had previously gone backwards. This phase is referred to as the Post-Shadow. During the early part of this phase, Mercury is still moving slowly, and thus the effects are more intense. People often experience this phase of the cycle as a time when the consequences for not paying attention to details or asking the right questions become clear.

For more detailed references, I urge you to visit:

Astrology Horoscope Readings and Astrology Zone

I hope this helps!

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