Let’s Eat Outside

There’s no better place to share a meal with loved ones than in nature, baby! Yesterday I did just that with my beautiful friend Manda. I called her up around 8 a.m. and said, “Let’s have a meal in Mother Nature, today.” We invited Tania, Manda’s other bridesmaid, so we could also talk marriage ceremony details. It was an impromptu gathering which is sometimes the best way to (not) plan.

We met at the park near my loft around 11 a.m. and the weather was beautiful. We found a shaded area underneath two trees with rays of sunshine peeking through the limbs. We spent a little over 5 hours eating plant-based foods, laughing at the most ridiculous things, and soaking up some serious Earth vibes.

Our spread was cute. I made a strawberry-mint lemonade that was sweet and refreshing. We also had fruit and veggies, pasta salad, chips and salsa, sparkling water, nuts and seeds, and an apple pie that I couldn’t indulge in. Manda brought me a jar of Biscoff cookie butter that made up for it!

nin007Nourishing in nature is a spiritual experience that I make time for at least twice a week. Since I live a plant-based dietary lifestyle, there’s something very ethereal and grounding about sitting in nature and having a meal. The same frequencies that resonate from the Earth are the same frequencies being put into my living body temple, so I feel the greatest peace and balance of energies. I always learn something about life and myself, and I grow abundantly in a matter of hours.

If you haven’t had a meal in nature (alone or with loved ones), try it. It may change your life. Peace, and much love to you.


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