Doll’s Head Trail

dht001Constitution Lakes Park is a 125-acre nature preserve unlike any other I’ve been to, particularly due to of it’s very cool art exhibit called Doll’s Head Trail.  One of my dearest friends, photographer Manda Moffitt and I ventured out together to explore this nest of intrigue. Doll’s Head Trail was created with children’s toys that were washed up after the South River floods, fishing supplies, and railroad handiwork. You’re allowed to use sharpies to write positive quotes, poems, messages, or drawings on terracotta tile, and contribute to the installation but only with things found in the park.


Once we made our way through the entire Doll’s Head loop, we backtracked to the bowling pin directing us to the Boardwalk which made our hike even more of a unique experience. The view opens up to a dreamy, scenic, wetlands view of Constitution Lakes. If you sit along the marshes, you’ll get to hang among the turtles, but be careful, there are mosquitoes and dragonflies everywhere! We continued along the boardwalk and through the partly sunny forest where we met the Seven Bridges Trail. This magical trail was sprinkled with more butterflies than we could count. At the trail’s end, we found ourselves back in the parking lot, grateful that we made it through the 1.5 mile hike in our pretty dresses and ballet flats with camera bags on our backs.

fswmdht025It’s a wonderful urban exploration for nature-lovers, art enthusiasts, history buffs, and environmentalists alike. If are visiting, or live in the area and haven’t paid a visit, you should soon! Be sure to pack bug repellent, bottled water, a hat, and hiking shoes.


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