Red Rocks & Dinosaur Ridge in Denver

red rocks 1I recently spent some time in Colorado and I’m already looking forward to going back. I had a beautiful time with my twin flame Nikki who lives in Denver and knows just where to take me. We had a vegan lunch at Native Foods Cafe, cocktails on the roof of View House on Market st., and explored Dinosaur Ridge and Red Rocks in Morrison.

Red Rocks, just 15 miles west of Denver and 6,450 feet above sea level, was one of my favorite stops. I wanted to go inside the amphitheater, which is the only naturally occurring, acoustically perfect amphitheatre in the world, but we arrived during a Ryan Adams concert. We hiked, lounged under the pine trees, and snapped photos instead.

red rocks 2Across the way was Dinosaur Ridge, one of the world’s most famous dinosaur fossil locations. It’s also a great place to see sunflowers growing out of the cracks in the concrete. There are 150 million year old dinosaur bones that are encased in sandstone, dinosaur footprints along the trails, and the views from every direction were divine.

dinosaur ridge 2nikkidinosaur ridge 7dinosaur ridge 3


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