Brighton Ski Resort

During my month long stay in Utah, I had some family fly in from Los Angeles. We spent a day at Brighton Ski Resort because it seemed friendlier to beginner skiers. We hit the slopes on a Monday to avoid local crowds and the groups of skiers who flock to the resort, showing off their fancy mechanics, which our amateur technique was no match for.

We started skiing around 10 a.m. and took a break for lunch at 1:30 p.m. We finished the day around 4 p.m. when I took a bad fall and dislocated my right shoulder. The first thing we yelled once my arm was back in the socket (and I was finally back standing on the icy slope) was “Battle Wounds!” We finished skiing the slope because I refused to be defeated. At the bottom,  we high-five’d (with my left arm), hugged, and stumbled into the locker rooms to change out of our sweaty ski gear. So much for the night skiing we had planned for!

     Check out our short video below!

Thankfully I had no fractures, chips, or tears to my tendons, which makes my injury worth it, because we had a very good time! Although my injured shoulder was a major inconvenience, at least I can say it happened while skiing instead of something boring like falling down the stairs.  I was mostly disappointed, because the rest of our winter-sport plans had to be canceled. I guess snowmobiling will have to wait.



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