Cozumel, Mexico

coz008I was excited that our 2nd port stop on Jam Cruise was Cozumel. I’ve spent time on the island before with my mom for our annual Girl’s Trip, and that was when I learned the most about the Mayan culture and the history behind Cuzamil, the nickname for Cozumel. Cuzamil derived from the Mayan culture and means island of swallows. Cozumel is the largest Mexican island in the Caribbean sea (184.542 sq mi), and belongs to Cozumel Municipality of the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Although Cozumel is considered underdeveloped compared to other islands (which I think is a great thing), it’s still very majestic with an abundance of sparkling, breathtaking waters, smooth white sands, and warm winds.

Once we docked at the Punta Langosta pier downtown, Tony and I walked around San Miguel before renting a scooter. We left our map of the island on the service counter at the rental office but we knew that if we stayed on the coastal highway that circles the island, we’d be okay. We hit the ground rolling! We moved at a leisurely pace, making frequent stops to check out different beaches and bars, and because we were feeling extra adventurous, we’d park our scooter and trek random side roads just to see where they’d lead us.

The best part of the day was the stunning, deserted, soft white sand beach we found. We spent most of our day there listening to music, frolicking in the waves, and in my usual style, napping on the sand.  It was absolutely beautiful! We felt like we were the only two people on the planet, and that made for a very special day.

Here’s our 9 hour day exploring the island wrapped up into a 2 minute video. Check it out!

Halfway around the island we stopped at Senor Iguanas for a late lunch. We chose this place because there were no tourists there. I always prefer to go where the locals are. We had the freshest authentic Mexican salsa with handmade tortilla chips, and fish tacos.

coz003This was hands down the best margarita I’ve had. After a couple of these, I was feeling quite lovely. I prayed that I wouldn’t fall off the back of the scooter. Lol!

coz007coz005coz010The majority of the island’s population, about 78,000 people, lives in the town of San Miguel which is on the island’s western shore. We ended up getting lost toward the end of our journey because we returned to the town from the opposite direction on side streets, but with our excellent internal instinct and nature-lovers’ navigation skills, we found our way back to the scooter stand just in time to board the ship.

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