Buenvenidos a Miami

In preparation for Jam Cruise 14, I spent one night in Miami. My friend A.J. flew in from Houston to join me so we could catch up and get down! We stayed at The Shelborne in South Beach, and after check-in, I took time to take in the beautiful view from my room. We spent the afternoon having cocktails at the hotel bar & playing on the beach.

viewFor dinner we walked to Española Way for at Cafe NuvoAfter dinner we danced and caught a drag burlesque show at Sweet Liberty, and after the show we made our way to the historic Mac’s Deuce Club bar on 14th street. According to the bartender, Mac’s is the oldest bar in Miami.

I enjoyed Mac’s the most because it’s a laid-back dive where you can have cool conversations with cool people, and it’s B.Y.O.F. (bring your own food). A.J. and I, along with the 9 other people we befriended at the bar, skipped across the street for sandwiches and fries that we took back to the bar. We grabbed an Uber to our hotel around 4 a.m. and slept for 5 hours. The best kinds of nights are the go with the flow kinds of nights, and that is definitely what we did!


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