Purple Reign

I spent the past six days livin’ la vida loca in Las Vegas with family and friends. We did the usual: party, gamble, eat, and see shows. We had a ball ringing in the New Year at The Bank nightclub inside of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. The shows we saw included Criss Angel’s Believe at Luxor, and Purple Reign: The Prince Tribute Show at Westgate in Las Vegas.

Anyone who knows me well knows that Prince is my absolute favorite musical artist ever. I have to credit my parents for introducing me to some of Prince’s music at a young age. He became my all-time favorite musician, so I was a bit skeptical about seeing a tribute show. Not everyone gets it right. I can’t say that about Purple Reign.

We were seated center stage inside the Shimmer Showroom, which is a small, sexy performance space. When J, the Prince impersonator, and the band walked on stage, I cheered as loud as my scratchy throat would allow. The costumes were correct, especially J’s black, low-rise lace pants. I was hoping that Lisa and Wendy would be represented, but they made up for it when wardrobe changed, and they acted out scenes from the film Purple Rain. Next thing you know, Morris Day and Jerome had us doing The Bird, before three sexy girls performed Sex Shooter by Apollonia 6, and Nasty Girl by Vanity.

I danced my tush off! I also liked the show because of the audience interaction. When you look like Prince, know how to joke with crowd, improvise in a comedic way, and make people feel like they’re a part of the show and not just another group of spectators, well, it doesn’t get any better than that!

After the show, I got to chat with J and some of the other cast members, and take photos. I’m sure that if he were the real Prince, I would’ve blacked out! I’m so glad to say the Purple Reign was a very enjoyable experience. I recommend getting tickets to Purple Reign because it’s so much fun and feels good!


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