The Way of an Artist

Greetings from Las Vegas and Happy New Year! I’m feeling lovely, elevated, and creative! Speaking of creativity, in September I bought Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way Every Day: A Year of Creative Living. It was my plan to start reading the daily motivational book on my birthday, but I saved it for New Year’s Day.


Although life has a way of reminding me to never deter from my creative process, somehow I continually seem to do just that. Not anymore! The same way I just talked about cultivating a life I love, well, artistry is a large part of that movement. To create is to live, and if I’m going to live in my truth, I must create. I’m a book-worm, and I’ve never lasted long with daily practice books, but this time feels different. Cameron has already given me some things to consider like whether or not God’s will for us is “expansive creativity” and since my one of my mantras is “do something I love everyday”, this may just be the guide to help me stay on track. 


I’ve read today’s affirmation and decided to share it so you can at least see what January 1st says. One year from today I’ll report any positive changes that this book may influence. In the meantime, I’m excited to see if this book is a good tool. I’ll let you know!

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