Statement Ring

Whether it’s a personalized pinky ring or stack-able thumb rings, every woman should have a statement ring. My statement ring is a cocktail ring.

Although the definition of a cocktail ring is a lose one, it’s generally a gaudy and sometimes glitzy ring with semi-precious gem stones worn on your right hand to cocktail parties. Although cocktail parties are few and far between these days, any formal or even dressy-casual events are ideal, including cocktail hour (established in the 50s) which I honor a few times a week. I’ve collected a few of my own including an oval druzy quartz and a citrine dome ring, but my absolute favorite is my diamond-shaped malachite ring because it’s versatile and very me! It has the main gem without the over-the-top embellishment which also allows me to wear it to less formal events. I love the rich shade of green which won’t often match my attire, but will surely complement. It’s a focal point all on its own.

srDuring my time at Phoenix & Dragon, my favorite metaphysical bookstore in Atlanta, I learned about Malachite and its properties. Malachite is a stone dating back to the mines around 4000 b.c. in ancient Kemet, and is associated with Goddess Hathor (who was also called “Lady of the Sky”). She was the goddess of joy, fertility and beauty, but was not considered to be shallow or vain, and her scent was myrrh. Malachite is a stone of Isis as well, one of the most popular goddesses in mythology. She is widely known as a goddess who brings power to the divine feminine. Malachite was also incorporated in jewelry and crushed for use as eye makeup.

The ancients used the magic of malachite to encourage healing within their physical and spiritual bodies, and emotional frequencies. It allows the heart chakra to open more, encourages strong, positive emotional responses to everyday energies while stimulating life in the aura. It encourages change and healthy relationships.

Malachite is a dense, opaque protection stone, absorbing negative energies from inside and outside the body. Since malachite is an absorbing stone, I cleanse it with sage after every wear.

Cocktail rings became a staple during Prohibition (1920 – 1933), when women wore their flamboyant embellishments to a speakeasy and secret parties as a symbol of independence, and unconventional and progressive individuality. This was also the jazz age so a jazzy cocktail ring was also a sign of modern femininity.

Not long after Prohibition ended, the cocktail ring became the staple accoutrement for elegant social occasions in the 1940s and ’50s. In the late 1960s and ’70s the cocktail ring went out of style, but not for long!

6 thoughts on “Statement Ring

  1. I have a large assortments of rings, but the Cocktail rings are definitely my most favorite and you are right – they may go out of style for a few years, but they always come back in style.



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