Oakland Cemetery


I couldn’t think of a cooler way to spend Friday the 13th than with my friend Amanda, exploring the historic Oakland Garden Cemetery in Atlanta.

Oakland is the most scenic cemetery I’ve explored. Oakland’s website says “It’s a hidden treasure, a secret sanctuary…that welcomes you with open arms. This garden cemetery, founded in 1850…is also a showplace of sculpture and architecture, and a botanical preserve with ancient oaks and magnolias. Here in this peaceful place the full scope of the city’s rich and fascinating history unfolds before you.” This is the perfect way to describe it.

We were greeted at the entrance by a beautiful butterfly among the temperamental bees, and vile flies. We slowly walked through the colorful cemetery to appreciate the sunny, brisk autumn day.


oc7The Fairy Tree

oc17Every time I tried to walk into this gazebo, the wind would blow abruptly, and the prickly branches would fly around in an aggressive stir. I’d step away and the wild winds would calm almost instantly. I attempted to walk in several more times, and the wind seemed to only get more persistent. I believe there was an energy that did not want me to enter. It was very eerie.



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