Awfully Abandoned

Jenna, Manda, and I attended fine-art photographer and urban explorer, Kathryn Nee’s opening night art show, Awfully Abandoned, at HodgePodge in East Atlanta. HodgePodge is the cute coffee shop that I frequent, usually for a good veggie patty¬†and some study time.

Kathryn’s well-curated collection featured photographs of “disturbing and macabre finds from abandoned buildings over the years.” Her “photographic exploration through abandoned funeral homes, hospitals, hotels, and more” earned a jaw-dropping response from spectators alike. Kathryn is lovely and talented. I gladly give her entire set-up two thumbs up as her theme was very transparent and each image flowed right into the next. I walked the gallery feeling overwhelmingly inspired and excited. My preference in photography is a mash-up of bizarre and tranquil complexities. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the show.



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