Milkwood + 21C

There’s more to Louisville than the Kentucky Derby

My vegan lifestyle agrees with my mind, body and soul, and although I will continue to live a conscious, healthy lifestyle, I will allow myself to indulge in “carnivorous cuisine” from time to time. I respect all life, but food parallels culture and brings people together, and experiencing culture has always been tremendously important to me. With my domestic and upcoming international travels, I will embrace all the beautiful experiences (and food with careful consideration & moderation) coming my way.

Let me tell you about my recent “bad” behavior. I returned to Kentucky two weeks ago for my second 14 day stint. Saturday night Crystal and Nikki joined me for dinner at Milkwood on the lower level of The Actors Theatre in downtown Louisville. We laughed hysterically, and shared delicious food and very cool cocktails (like Crystal’s Four Roses Bourbon, peanut butter, lime, and Thai bitters drink called The Big Bangkok).

CLNHow does “Caviar of the South” with Caviar sound? Amazing, right?! I ordered Pimento Cheese (the caviar of the south) with Spoonbill Caviar on light and airy pork rinds with ham salt and scallion pesto which paired nicely with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Spoonbill Caviar, also called Paddlefish Caviar, is gorgeous, has a rich, robust taste, and is still considered a delicacy around the world. What a great way to interrupt my vegan lifestyle! I also ordered frog legs with ramp, kimchi, fresno, brown butter, and fish sauce. These flavors combined made my taste buds explode. I also tried Crystal’s octopus bacon with potatoes and jalapeño purée, and Nikki’s seared salmon with fried green tomatoes. We agreed that we loved all the food as we dived into each other’s plates. My entrée was the veggie burger with olive relish on a pretzel bun and cottage fries which were also very good.

CaviarPimento Cheese w/ Caviar

froglegsFrog Legs

ocotpusbaconOctopus Bacon

veggieburgerVeggie Burger

cottagefriesCottage Fries

You would think after all this we wouldn’t have room for dessert. Think again! We ordered two plates of the oatmeal blondie with pickled blueberries, lemon curd, granola and mint. It was delightful!

blondieOatmeal Blondie

Before we knew it, except for the three of us and the staff, the restaurant was empty. We were there long after the closing hour, and the icing added to this sweet experience was when the pretty red-head from the bar stopped at our table and urged us to relax while they poured us some fresh brewed coffee. Needless to say, I’ll return to Milkwood on my next visit to Louisville. If you’re in the area, you should check it out as well!


21C is a boutique hotel with an accessible 24 hour contemporary art museum. Since the hotel was only a 7 minute walk from Milkwood, Nikki, Crystal, and I danced our way down Main Street to see what 21C was all about.

21c002My favorite pieces were photographs by South African photographer Pieter Hugo, and American photographer Linda Adele Goodine. I needed a few moments to comfortably dissect the pieces I found most intriguing, especially while this particular gallery was free of other art enthusiasts.


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