Westview Mausoleum

I had a lovely time with my beautiful friend Amanda, shooting photos at Westview Cemetery & Mausoleum in Atlanta, and talking about everything under the sun. She’s my partner in crime for all things strange and unusual. The silence was loud, the darkness was bright, and we were pretty sure a spirit walked up to the lens of her camera. Not many of my friends will hang out with me where the dead rest, especially on a sunny, 90-degree weather day in June. This is why we are kindred spirits. She’s also willing to suffer for our artistic endeavors. Afterwards we had a late lunch in East Atlanta Village and talked for over 3 hours. These are some of the best kind of days.


Amanda is a silent shooter. She beautifully captured me capturing a beautiful moment. This is how a candid is done!ig

Manda & Me

2 thoughts on “Westview Mausoleum

  1. I really enjoyed this post, and your pictures are just lovely!!! I have been wanting to visit the Westview Cemetery for awhile now, but just haven’t made it yet. After your post it is now on my “must do” list 🙂



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