Blue Ridge Mountains

Tony and I went vineyard-hopping in North Georgia as the finale of our week-long anniversary celebration. We drove up to Paradise Hills in Tony’s vintage BMW e28, which made me feel like I was in an old Bond film. There was breeze, sunshine, cool tunes, and us back-dropped by the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains. The drive was beautiful and the day was perfection.

1st stop: Paradise Hills Winery.

Tasting Room: click here for list.

Purchased: 2011 Chardonnay

This handcrafted wine was fermented in stainless steel and aged “sir lie” in fine French oak for over 12 months. Pairs well with higher acidic foods, Chicken Cordon Bleu and married into any pasta sauce.

Tony and I enjoyed our delicious international artisan cheeses and wine on the deck overlooking the vineyard. The couple who owns the winery chatted with us about the vineyard, their passion for grapes, and even snapped our photo. We’re planning to go back and rent a cabin before the end of the season, and try their seasonal wine Spiced Solstice (if it’s still available).





2nd stop: Crane Creek Vineyards.

Tasting Room: click here for list.

Purchased: Sweet Sally Catawba.

Sweet Sally is a festive, white, unabashedly sweet picnic wine, named in honor of the vineyard dog, Sally. Crafted from the native American grape, Catawba, this wine is a perfect accompaniment with decks, picnic blankets, Saturday cookouts and good times with good friends.
Down a stone path to an old farmhouse, we immediately felt cozy in the charming, intimate tasting room on this breathtaking vineyard. The atmosphere was casual and informal, and just what we needed for our early afternoon. We had the pleasure of meeting Edna, owner of JR’s Log House Restaurant in Norcross, GA., when her daughter purchased a bottle of cider and shared a glass with us. We all sat overlooking the vineyard and shared several laughs, and played peek-a-boo with Ms. Edna’s adorable grandson.



3rd stop: Hightower Creek Vineyards.

Tasting Room: click here for list.

Purchased: Chatuga Red.

A bright, fruity, easy drinking red. A premium wine with a just a touch of sweet.

Our last stop was Hightower Creek.  This was the tastiest stop on our tour. After our wine, we were given 2 glasses, one with a frozen wine with peach drink, and the other with raspberry. It took Tony and I a little longer to decide which bottle to buy at this winery. There were a several excellent options. By the end of this tasting, I was frolicking through the vineyard. It was wonderful.



2 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Mountains

  1. It’s so beautiful up there! I’ve been a couple of times. I think Georgia’s “wine country” scene is a beautiful weekend getaway hidden gem. I’ll have to make my way to Hightower for those peach & raspberry options on the next trip!



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