Wicked Afropunk Party


I checked out the Wicked AfroPunk Party at Terminal West. Simply put, it was nothing but the coolest people rocking-out under one roof.

Redd’s Wicked Apple gets two thumbs up.


Live Painting by Corey Davis & Paper Frank

The night was hosted by none other than the Dungeon Family Funk-Rock Queen herself, Joi. She looked like a piece of candy. Owww!


I was only slightly familiar with Hollyweerd. After their set, I can say that I’m officially a fan. They’re so much fun to watch, their songs are crazy-cool and definitely speak to a unique subculture. I dig it.

I’m new to Baby Baby but they’re what AfroPunk is all about. They had the crowd going cray. I was so ready for stage diving, crowd surfing, mosh pits, all that shit!


Let’s move on to the highlight of everyone’s night…


Where have you been all my life? SZA has a natural head of hair that women pay for, thighs like whoa, and a voice like an angel. She’s an artist and was the highlight of my night, no lie.


SZA had the girlies going berserk! IMG_4801


┬áNow, let’s get to all the rad boys & girls in the building. Props to those who live out their individuality.


2 thoughts on “Wicked Afropunk Party

  1. This looks dope! The vibe is right up my alley. I wish I could have been there. I love Joi and I’m a big SZA fan. From the looks of it, I think I might have enjoyed this party even more than the AfroPunk festival in BK. Next year, I’m coming down to check out the AfroPunk ATL party. Thanks for sharing the great writeup and awesome photos, LaMya!



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