Bon Voyage Naya

A few of us Glitterbombs & Gents helped celebrate Naya F. Powell – Life Coach and founder of the Utopia living brand and Spa Utopia, 40 Rocks Birthday & Bon Voyage Bash!

IMG_4165We also celebrated the 13th anniversary of Spa Utopia luxury mobile spa with the launch of her custom formulated Utopian Body Amethyst – Gemstone oil. Each oil is infused with an actual amethyst gemstone. The amethyst gemstone was chosen because it is known for promoting peace and spiritual awakening. Naya also personally prayed over the oils to offer healing. On top of all that, she’s moving! Atlanta and I will miss her!

IMG_4143Happy birthday, Naya! You’re a beautiful soul, an inspiration, and an awesome big-sisterfriend.  I pray for you and this new chapter you’re about to begin in your life.



Naya F. Powell @

 Spa Utopia & The Utopia Living Brand @



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