Welcome to Uxmal


I’m in Mexico, and feeling amazing! I’m so happy that I’m on this journey and able to share it with you as I experience this wonderful adventure. I’m in the anceint city Uxmal which means ‘thrice-built’ in the Mayan language. I’m learning more about the Mayan Ruins and the culture, and although this is a popular tourist destination, it’s peacful and authentic.

I look back at myself as a teenager and remember dreading history class, but I realized it was due to the type of false history we were learning in school. Once I began college, my desire to travel and educate myself on my own terms became intense. Wanderlust has truly taken over, and I feel it leading me all over the world.  Anyhow, first thing’s first, and that is lunch! There is absolutely nothing like authentic Mexican food, and let’s face it, Mexican food in America is not the same. These were the best chicken tacos and tortilla chips I’ve ever eaten!


Uxmal Mayan Ruins Part 1

Uxmal Mayan Ruins Part 2


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