Welcome Back to Uxmal!

netmex001I’m back in Mexico, and feeling amazing! I’m so happy that I’m on this journey and able to share it with you as I experience this wonderful adventure. I returned to Uxmal today. The name Uxmal means ‘thrice-built’ in the Mayan language. I’m learning more about the Mayan Ruins and the culture of this ancient city.

This is my second trip here, and although this is a popular tourist destination, I was drawn into the mayan civilization and had to return. I look back at myself as a teenager and remember dreading history class, but I realized it was due to the type of misguided history we were learning in school. Once I began college, my desire to travel and educate myself on my own terms became intense. Wanderlust has truly taken over, and I feel it leading me all over the world.  Anyhow, first thing’s first, and that is lunch!

netmex004netmex003netmex002I’m a pescatarian, but when I’m traveling, the majority of my eating habits go out the window! Why restrict yourself? I don’t. There’s entirely too many things to experience on this planet, and cuisine is one of them. There is absolutely nothing like authentic Mexican food, and let’s face it, Mexican-American food is not the same. These were the best chicken tacos and tortilla chips I’ve ever eaten!



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