Satchmo Summerfest

A couple of years, when I moved back to New Orléans from Los Angeles, I met a photographer named Syndey Byrd. She was looking for an intern and after meeting over a cup of tea and stories about her world travels and photography, she offered me the position and I accepted. During my short time with her, we shot an entire weekend of festival activities including a second line during Satchmo Summerfest. On Sunday morning, Syndey and I had breakfast in the Treme area at her friend’s house, then we walked to St. Agustino church where the second line was starting. We walked with the second line to the Old U.S. Mint in the French Quarter to enjoy a day at the fest, where New Orléans folk celebrated the life of Louis Armstrong with good food, fun people, great music, and non-stop dancing.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of being in a second line, make plans to do so. I spent more time dancing in the street than I did shooting photos. It was a moment where my appreciation for Nouvelle Orléans grew. I felt a sense of community and artistry. This annual event has become one of my favorites.



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