Le Quartier français


Tony and I spent a sunny afternoon downtown New Orléans on the river front, and the portion of our conversation that sticks out in my mind is the part about me not wanting to do digital photography. When we were in undergrad, I was a theater major but around my junior year, I found myself in the darkroom behind the stage more than I was actually on the stage. I was an active crew member on most of our productions but there weren’t many opportunities for me to perform. Our program was pretty biased and there were no progressive avenues for necessary development as a performance artist, so I submerged myself into shooting, processing, and developing.

During that time the technical director of our program asked me about shooting and designing the playbill covers for the department, but that required digital photography and graphic design. I was not a happy camper!  I hated the idea of spending less time in the darkroom. The darkroom was my new happy place where I got away from everything and everyone; where I could just be an artist without favoritism or politics.

Shortly after, I recognized the growing field of digital photography and adjusted to what is one of the most limitless art forms ever to exist.  I spent several hours a week in our Mac lab with a local photographer and grew to appreciate art digitally. We live in a world of “not now, but right now” and so I understand the demand. Don’t get me wrong, I still miss shooting with film, and that’s why I took my Yashica loaded with a few rolls of film along for our stroll. Here are some of the unedited photographs.



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