Another Weekend in the Big Apple

I flew to New York to help celebrate my dear friend Sylvia’s birthday.  I met Sylvia at a Vashtie and Q-Tip party at the Yotel during Fashion Week. Our conversation started off like this:

Me: Hi! I love your glasses!

Sylvia: I love your outfit! Are you from Brooklyn?!

It was the start to a lovely friendship. Saturday night, Sylvia, a bus load of her friends and I had dinner at SOCO in Brooklyn. SOCO is a southern fusion restaurant; a mixture of Cajun/creole, barbecue, and soul food. I had a wonderful time getting to know Sylvia’s friends and I am looking forward to another meal with such a comedic group of women.


Chef Kingsley John sent 4 complimentary plates of barbecue wings to our table. I feel like BBQ is hit or miss. It’s easy to make BBQ wings, but most times, I find that they aren’t good. These were just the opposite. They were delicious.

Living in New Orléans on and off for the last ten years has turned me into a southern cuisine snob. For my entrée I ordered the lobster, shrimp & grits with a spicy tomato broth served on top of country creamy white cheddar. When my plate arrived, I was not thrilled, but looks can be deceiving. It was divine.  Unuseless Japanese Inventions had all of us rolling on the floor laughing. The things in this book are truly outrageous but so cool.

While visiting Brooklyn, Sylvia and I journeyed to the lower east side to have a wonderful dinner at The Stanton Social. That trip was a serious eye-opener. I have finally come to truly understand why no one from Brooklyn travels to Manhattan and vice-versa. It takes a tremendous effort to “go to the city” especially if you’re on the subway, and I’m not sure I’d ever be able to adjust. I can’t say that I blame New Yorker’s for how they feel. It’s unfortunate because I have family in Harlem, friends that live on the upper west side and Brooklyn, and it’s always hectic because I tend to flock to the lower east side.

I can never get any of my NY natives to venture out to any other borough, but Sylvia however, she’s down for whatever and that’s one of her greatest attributes. Off to Manhattan we go!

We had dinner at The Stanton Social my second night in town. The atmosphere was sexy and trendy, and the dj was good. The food was even better. My favorite tapas were the arepas, chicken and waffles, and the shrimp and grits. After leaving The Stanton Social around midnight, my cousins Coodie and Rachelle met Me and Sylvia at Dream Hotel in Chelsea for some cocktails and catching up. We hung out until 5 am then made our journey back to Brooklyn. We hopped off the subway and the sun was rising. These are my favorite type of NYC nights.

Sylvia and I were invited to shop privately at Tracy Chambers Boutique in Bed Stuy. I was stoked because I heard so many great things about Helen, the owner, and the pieces that she carries. I had not shopped much during my vacation before visiting the cozy boutique on the first floor of Helen’s beautiful brownstone, and I must admit, I was frantic! I got some really cool pieces and felt like I was getting  back to myself after being in a shopping drought.

Check out Tracy Chambers Vintage in TimeOut New York HERE!

216 Jefferson Ave, Brooklyn

between Marcy and Nostrand Avenues


Mon–Fri by appointment, Sat 11am–4pm, Sun 1pm–4pm


The following day Sylvia took me to the Brooklyn Flea Market and I wasn’t entirely blown away by the vendors’ selections. The rain may have had a lot to do with it. However, I did find this rad authentic 80’s jacket that reminds me of J.J. Fad.

I tried “the mash” from Asia Dog and it goes down as one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Who knew that a chicken dog with jalapeño ketchup and potato chips would be so good. I ate two of these damn things!

I love visiting New York because each time I get introduced to something new. The energy of the people and city are unmatched, and I am looking forward to my next trip to the Big Apple.

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