Friday Night Mash ft. Tim S. Pew x Elijah Joy x Sybil Shanell


Oh, what a Friday night! We featured not one, not two, but three artists! Painter Tim Pew dressed the walls of the studio with an impressive collection. Every time I looked at certain pieces, I saw something new. Sometimes you just have to take a step back to reevaluate the image and things become clearer. Tim is gifted and I wish him plenty more success.

Tim S. Pew & Wife

Elijah`Joy is an adventurous poet. Her energy is explosive and she commands the floor. What made her poem about the dating scene interesting is that she used about 50 O.P.I. nail polish colors and collections in the text. There was full audience participation when they had to write what the thought may have been a color. I gave up after the second color because I felt like I was making colors up! It was nonetheless fun to listen to.

Coincidentally, Elijah`Joy’s sister Tishonna won the contest. What was even more suspicious is that Robyn won the second gift bag. Did you notice Robyn looking at Tishonna’s paper two photos up? CHEATERS!

I don’t even know where to begin in regard to Sybil Shanell. When you hear a person speak, it is not always a precursor to the melodic sounds that they are capable of creating with their voice. When Sybil began singing, I looked around the room because I needed confirmation that everyone could hear what I was listening to. Her voice was splendid and melodious. Sybil’s voice gave me chills.

Sybil Shanell & Skinny Hendrix

A special thanks to:

Tony, my partner in everything!


Tim, Elijah’Joy, & Sybil

Everyone that attended the mash.

Don’t worry if you missed this one. We’ll see you in August!


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