Friday Night Mash ft. Suave, Nate Williams, & Young.Black.Nappy

629FlyerAs usual, Friday Night Mash was smooth and artful. Outside was crazy hot so it was nice to walk through Inner Recess and look at cool art. Nate Williams exhibited his interpretations of the most iconic musicians in history.

We had apparel by YBN. Check it out right there -> YOUNG.BLACK.NAPPY.

Suave had mashing with a “gangsta lean, oo ooh.” Suave’s style is a mix of soul, hip-hop, and r&b and I was more than stoked to do a FNM with him. It was perfect timing because he just returned from his month-long trip to Europe. We showed the video Suave recorded in Amsterdam and everyone’s eyes we locked on the wall where we projected the footage. His set was mellow but his vocals are bananas!

After Suave’s set, the rest of our guests mingled as I snapped some random photos with my pocket camera’s eye.

One of the greatest things about hosting an art event is the wardrobe. Most people show up in some of their coolest digs. I even stole Joey’s faux-glasses because they were the same color as my shirt.


a speacial thanks to:

Tony for working so hard

Dubla & Prospek at Inner Recess for always being down



Nate Williams


EVERYONE that supported the mash. You’re appreciated. Much love to you.


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