Friday Night Mash x Odd Art & Pynk Layce


We had our first 2012 installment of Friday Night Mash. Our featured artists were Odd Art and Pynk Layce.  Max and Jackie, the duo behind Odd Art, decked the walls out at Inner Recess with their colorful work, and we enjoyed good company, cool music, food, and drinks as usual. Here’s what you missed:

Inner Recess piece by Odd Art

Me, Max and Jackie of Odd Art

What was very cool about Max & Jackie is that they walked the guests through the exhibit, explaining their inspiration for each piece. What I also loved seeing was people getting together to share drinks, stories, and their love for art.

Mee Mahrii of Pynk Layce displayed some of her earrings.

Mee Mahrii & Guest

Me & one of my favorite painters Andy Dahl.

Very Special thanks to:







EVERYONE that supported the mash. You’re appreciated. Much love to you.

See you at the February installment!;-)


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