Anything Can Happen in a New York Minute

Day 1:

I landed in New York, and as usual, I waited until the last-minute to pack and arriving having only 4 hours of sleep and a hunger headache. Regardless of how I felt, I was stoked to be back in one of the greatest cities in the world.

The driver dropped me & Dana off at my friend Jeremy’s apartment on the upper east side, two blocks from Central Park. After we got settled, we grabbed coffee and a bite to eat at Tarallucci E Vino. After lunch Dana and I took a stroll through central park, visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and did a bit of shopping.

Due to the unfortunate occurrence involving someone deleting almost every photo off of my camera, I only salvaged a few images from Fashion’s Night Out. The cab ride to fifth avenue was awful. I almost got car sick because our cab driver was swerving through traffic like he robbed Manhattan Bank. By the time we made it, the stores were packed with fashion lovers, celebrities, and some of the greatest wearable art I’ve seen.

When we left FNO, we thought it would be fun to hop in a taxi-bike to Hell’s Kitchen. We pre-gamed at Jeremy’s friend’s apartment then walked to a lounge on 9th ave. for margaritas.

DAY 2 – PART 1

On my second day in NYC, I did some homework and then played tourist with Dana in midtown. It was her first time there so we hit all the tourist traps after having a tasty lunch at Firehouse. I never thought I’d have a veggie burger as good as Houston’s or Whole Foods until I discovered Firehouse. After we ate, we hopped on the subway to Times Square.

DAY 2 – PART 2

The absolute dopest part of this trip was the party at the Yotel on 42nd street in midtown, hosted by VA$HTIE & Q-TIP. I had looked forward to this party for weeks. We arrived a little after midnight and I promise you, I danced non-stop from midnight to 4am. It was a massive breath of fresh air to hear a range of music, new and old. I made a couple of new acquaintances and reunited with a few others. If you were in NYC and weren’t at this party, you missed out.

I discovered Vashtie when I found her Myspace page in 2007. We chatted back and forth about Hurricane Katrina and I asked her a few questions about film school.  She offered encouraging words and I’ve supported her career ever since. If you don’t know Vashtie, get to know her. The party was packed from the front to back, and don’t think Tip was stuck behind the booth the whole time.  The very last song, Make It Funky, had him & the last few of us in a serious soul train line.


Dana and I slept in on day 3 after getting back to Jeremy’s place as the sun was coming up. For dinner we met Sylvia and my long time friend Kat at Pink Tea Cup in the west village. What was more exciting is that I was getting to meet Kat’s twins. Her and her husband both come from families of twins so these little cuties were no surprise. Kat and I were theater majors together in college and built a great relationship. The food at the Pink Tea Cup was not disappointing by any means. We all thoroughly enjoyed our food and the service was excellent. Did I mention that the food is good? Check it out when you’re in the NYC area. The cornbread pastries. Wings and sweet potato waffle. I inhaled this. Kat’s fried shrimp and green beans. Dana’s fish and waffle. Oooh mac-n-cheese. I can’t remember this guy’s name but he was so funny. I hope he still works there when I get back. He had us laughing the entire visit with his big personaity! It was a great way to spend our last night in NYC.

2 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen in a New York Minute

  1. You look awesome! & what the heck are you studying (vom)…& on the way to NY at that-double vom! No studying allowed!!! Have tons of fun for me, as I see you are!!! So VIP…ahhh when I grow up! 🙂



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