Breakfast at Oak Street

Seamus invited me and Elle to join him for breakfast at Oak Street Cafe, we were up and ready quick. I frequent Oak Street Cafe because it’s very quaint and charming. It’s a good place to eat with interesting people where you feel like you’re right at home. You may even hear a few tunes by a piano player, and make sure to browse the dozens of photos that drape their walls. Oh, The chocolate donuts are delightful.

I’m semi-obsessed with Audrey Hepburn and while we were having breakfast at Oak Street Cafe, I stumbled across a small article in the day’s New York Times spotlighting Oliver Goldsmith and Audrey Hepburn’s gorgeous frames in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It is speculated that those frames were an exclusive Goldsmith design.

Claire Goldsmith, grand-daughter of Oliver Goldsmith, now has some killer designs on deck. I think that, very soon, I will have to accept the fact that my big brown eyes may need some optical assistance. Once this case is proven, I will buy my first pair of Goldsmith’s. There are so many fine frames to choose from. I will probably go with the Consul’s (c. 1959) from the Oliver Goldsmith vintage collection.

After we left Oak Street Cafe, Elle and I stopped by the French Market and then Cafe du Monde for beignets. I usually avoid the market because it’s too touristy. I mean, how much more incense,  magnets, and shot glasses can I possibly buy from there? On the other hand, all of our house guests want to go and I’m more than happy to take them.



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