Louisiana Swamp Tour

Cajun Encounters invited me to take their swamp tour.  I’ve lived in New Orleans on and off for ten years and haven’t made time to visit a swamp. What’s living in Louisiana if you’ve never been to a swamp?

Our captain, Captain Mike, made fun of me during the tour because I had on rain boots and he knew that a girl like me was definitely not from Louisiana. He said “Only a damn Yankee would do some s#it like that! What, did you think you were getting out of the boat?” What can I say? I’m a northern girl at heart.

Captain Mike also had a baby alligator hidden on the boat and he was so cute. I want a baby alligator!

This boat got washed into the swamp from over 60 miles away by Hurricane Katrina.

The coolest part of the tour was feeding alligators. I tossed them a few marshmallows and snapped photos as quickly as possible.

Plenty thanks you to Cajun Encounters for the complimentary tickets. Thank you to Captain Mike for being the funniest tour guide ever.


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