Wild Nola Night

My gorgeous friend Vicky came back to Nola from ATL to visit me.  I met Vicky in a photography class we were both taking in college. We worked on a project together and became instant friends. Before Vicky arrived, Alton, his sister and I went to Snug Harbor for dinner and couple of Red Turtles. After dinner we ran into Mannie Fresh then it was off to the daiquiri shop where we had a vicious drink called MFB. Can you figure out what that stands for? It tasted like a pink lemonade with a splash of gasoline. After that, we all went to the W to have more drinks. The night didn’t end too pretty, and neither did the morning.

Alton and Me

Mannie Fresh

For the guy that works here who mixed the drink below, I’m mad at you for concocting such a lethal beverage.

The bartender who finished us off.

Vicky and Me

After a few of what’s on top, below is what Whiskey Blue started to look like.

Brandon, Vicky, Alton, and Me

This is what the ride home looked like. After that, it was over.


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