The Trip

Savanna Curtis shot a short documentary based on the stage play The Trip.¬† If you didn’t get to come to the show, check it right here and see some of the crazy psychedelic awesomeness you missed. Plenty thanks to Savanna for a raw, colorful, and intriguing piece of work. I dig it.

Introducing... The Trip

The Trip has been one of the most artistically gratifying show I’ve performed in in a while. Elespee recorded a series of songs and decided to bring the tracks to life in a stage performance that incorporated hip-hop, jazz, dance, fluorescent lights, and a puppet show.

The black box theater turned into the house of the bizarre  cool characters and costumes. We rehearsed for two weeks, and decorated the courtyard and performance space before opening night. By the way, we were all amazed as we watched Savanna make a tree using 6 rolls of aluminum foil. Check out the pics below.

The Trip was a success. Hopefully you got to see the show!

The after-show reception…

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