Don Juan

I put the top down on my mustang and drove to Venice Beach to hang with my friend Yuta and company. When Yuta and I met, we hit it off immediately. Her energy is incredible, and she’s knowledgeable about health and wellness. She’s been helping me keep up with my organic and raw food lifestyle, and knows all the great places in Beverly Hills, Venice, and Santa Monica for the best foods. Yuta helped me to balance out my life and chakras. I swear, this girl is a blessing.

We ate and talked over a few bottles of wine, and afterwards we watched the 1973 French flick DON JUAN (Don Juan ou Si Don Juan était une femme…) starring the gorgeous BRIGITTE BARDOT. This is a film about woman who prides herself in the destruction of men who have fallen for her charms. Ladies, this movie is for you. 



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