Kickball Kids

My friend Tahir organized a kickball game on Sunday. The sun peeked its way through the clouds every few minutes, the weather was cool, and we were amusing enough that other park patrons sat around and watched us play. We were absolutely acting out our childhoods. It was the most fun I’ve had in a while, too much fun actually. I almost ruined a new pair sneakers and woke up the next morning feeling like someone had beat me up. My entire body hurt. I should have warmed-up more before the game. Thank you for snapping flicks, Jenna.

Tahir was amped up

Arvin was too busy to play with us. Anyway, I was on the winning team.

The losing team.

Even though we rubbed it in their faces, there was no winning and losing team. We were just a bunch of friends getting together to enjoy each’s other company. What a fun day!

It’s ok Tahir, your team will have another chance to win soon.

Tyrin shows up after the game is over.


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