America’s Best Dance Crew S5 Last Dance Challenge

The three remaining crews on America’s Best Dance Crew had to dance hip-hop styles from a number of cities across the country while performing to tracks produced by the incredible Swizz Beatz.  Only two crews were left standing, Bluprint Cru and Pereotics, to perform one last time for the title. I’m ready for the finale! Yes, I have my favorite crew, but I’m not telling. Seriously, either of these crews could win and it will be well-deserved.

Me & Swizz

HYPE 5-0

ME: What changes have you noticed within your crew since starting the show, and what do you want to say to your fans?

HYPE 5-0: “I honestly feel like we grew tremendously. We want to thank Hawaii and the rest of America for voting for us. Believe the Hype and believe in yourself. Thanks for voting and believing in us.”


  ME: How do you feel about your competition now that you’re one of the top two crews?

BPC: “We’re aware of how strong Poreotics is. We did our best, and we are proud of ourselves. We love Poreotics, we love Hype, and we’ll just see what happens. It’s the finale, we are going to bring our A-game.”L: What has this journey been like for you?BPC: Being here 24/7 with each and going through the ups and down has brought us closer together. This experience makes has made us tighter.”


ME: What do you want to say to your fans at this very moment?

POREOTICS: “Keep voting, keep supporting us! VOTE, PLEASE VOTE!”

6 thoughts on “America’s Best Dance Crew S5 Last Dance Challenge

  1. Hi L@Mya,

    I love your blog. Like the other girl said, I kept checking to see if you would post the pics early. It’s so suspenseful. ha!


  2. TB,

    Great interview with the crews! This was an awesome episode. Hype 5-0 came back and did their thing. Although I am glad that BPC and Poreotics are in the finally! I can’t wait til the finale. I always love when the crews come back and dance Together. I won’t tell either who my favorite is…let’s compare next week.




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