Cali Crew

One of closest friends Alton arrived to Los Angeles from New Orléans for his first time and I couldn’t have been more excited. When we get together, it’s almost insanity. We are like two reckless kids on speed with no regard for rules. That’s why I left New Orléans, the city couldn’t handle both of us. Ha!  Since he landed on a Thursday morning, I had to take him to Lola’s that night to meet my Cali crew so we could create even more memories.

Me & Alton

When Marketa pulled her homemade dip out of her purse, I almost fell on the floor in laughter!

Marketa also disrespected her iPhone

A toast to Tahir’s upcoming national tour

Tyrin, Marketa, Me, Alton

I love my best friends.

Lenee and Tahir


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